Glenn Haynes

Glenn discovered sketching in high school, and took two drawing classes while in college. Photography and watercolor became more serious only in the past few years. He has shown his work at Statesboro’s Averitt Center for the Arts, the regional Kiwanis Fair, the National Fair in Perry, GA, and numerous local businesses. Several commissions and numerous prizes have followed over the last several years. Glenn serves currently as president of the Statesboro Regional Art Association.

One of my passions has become “processing” images—whether capturing or creating them—and then presenting them in a way that draws a viewer in. Much of my attention is on common things, such as local plants and animals, landscapes, and architecture.

Creativity begins with imagination—seeing with the mind something that is not there or something in a new way. Subject, form, texture, color, and lighting are the tools.

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Phone: (912) 531-2372

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